Ajman Offshore Company
Ajman Offshore Company

Heritage Bank (Belize)


About the Bank

Formerly known as Provident Bank & Trust of Belize Ltd, the bank was established in May 1998 to provide international banking services to non-residents. It became the pioneer and leader in international banking services in Belize and has evolved into a globally competitive international bank. The bank merged with Alliance Bank of Belize Ltd and since January 2010 is known as Heritage International Bank & Trust Ltd.

The bank offers a full range of banking services including accounts in USD, EUR and GBP, ecommerce/merchant accounts, prepaid cards.

Required Corporate Documents

Required Personal Documents

For Shareholders above 20%, Directors, Beneficial Owners, Ultimate Beneficial Owners and Authorised Signatories:

Note: all the documents must be in English and notarized.

Personal Visit

No personal visit is required.

Initial Deposit

Minimum Balance

Online Banking

View and transactional – USD 10 per user.

Debit and Credit Cards

MasterCard prepaid card

It’s a non-personalized card and does not reflect the name of cardholder. The card can be used online or on ATM and POS anywhere in the world, where MasterCard is accepted.

Time Required for Account Opening

Up to 1 month, once all required documents received.



Bank Fees

Wire transfers

Other fees

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