Ajman Offshore Company
Ajman Offshore Company

AfrAsia Bank (Mauritius)


About the Bank

Strategically based in Mauritius and with representation in South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg) and United Kingdom (London), AfrAsia Bank Limited connects Africa, Asia and the World.

Operational since 2007, AfrAsia Bank’s ambition to become a leading regional bank is being recognized. The bank is listed among Top 200 African Banks 2014 and continues to win numerous awards for Private Banking.

The Bank offers current accounts in all major currencies for GBL, Authorised Companies, IBC, Protected Cell Companies, Trusts and other corporate vehicles, free and secured internet banking, extended cut-off time for international remittances, competitive interest rates in all main currencies, etc. Through associate company, AfrAsia Capital Management, the Bank is able to provide the clients with sophisticated investment products and structures.

Required Corporate Documents

Required Personal Documents

For Shareholders above 20%, Directors, Beneficial Owners, Ultimate Beneficial Owners and Authorised Signatories:

Note: all the documents must be in English or French and notarized.

Personal Visit

No personal visit is required.

Initial Deposit

No initial deposit requirement.

Minimum Balance

No minimum balance requirement.

Online Banking

View and transactional internet banking free of charge.

Debit and Credit Cards

VISA Platinum Prepaid card (in USD and EUR):

Titanium MasterCard Credit Card (in USD):

Time Required for Account Opening

10 working days, once all required documents provided.


Accounts are offered in all major currencies.

Bank Fees

Outward Remittances

Inward Remittances

Other fees

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