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Mauritius Authorised Company

Mauritius is an English speaking country in the Indian Ocean. It is a former British colony which became independent in 1968 and joined the Commonwealth. It is a parliamentary democracy in the British style. It established a modern presence as an Offshore Financial Center, with the passing of the Companies Act in 2001. This introduced a new form of Offshore Company aimed at non tax resident companies. This section deals with the Authorised Company. Unlike the GBC 1 Company, a Authorised Company is non tax resident in Mauritius. It therefore does not have access to the many Double Taxation Treaties which Mauritius has signed with other countries.

Why choose a Mauritius-GBC-2 Offshore Company Formation?

Main features of Mauritius-GBC-2 company registration

Mauritius-GBC-2 offshore company formation, nominees, bank accounts and mail forwarding

As specialists in Mauritius-GBC-2 offshore company formations, whether you’re looking for a simple offshore company registration or a complex structure (including offshore Trusts), Gecth & Co Group Formations can help. We also provide a comprehensive range of admin services for Mauritius-GBC-2 companies, including the provision of nominee director, nominee shareholder, bank account services and mail forwarding.

Our expert Mauritius-GBC-2 company formation and company registration team has established affiliations with local Mauritius-GBC-2 company agents and extensive knowledge of the legal requirements for company formation in Mauritius-GBC-2. We also guarantee that all company filing documents and fees are up-to-date and will notify you of any compliance changes in Mauritius-GBC-2.

If you require us to take over the management of your existing Mauritius-GBC-2 offshore company, we can usually do so at no extra cost.

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