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About the Bank

Please note that this Bank will NOT open accounts for American Companies, American Nationals or anyone dealing with the USA.

ABC Banking Corporation Ltd (ABC), the banking arm of the ABC Group of Companies was first established in 1997 as a leasing company (ABC Finance & Leasing) and subsequently obtained its banking licence on the 1st June 2010. It is the first leasing company in Mauritius to have successfully converted into a Bank.

In December 2010 ABC started operations as a full-fledged commercial bank at 7 Duke of Edinburgh Avenue, Place D’Armes, Port Louis. From the start of its operations, ABC has been aiming for excellent service delivery, driven by innovation and operating on the most advanced banking technology platform in the market.

ABC currently offer a wide range of products and services including current accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, leasing, housing loans & personal loans, term loans and revolving credit as well as Trade Finance services such as bank guarantee, letter of credit, import & export loans, collection document for import & export. In December 2011, ABC successfully launched its international Debit MasterCard and Internet Banking services to ensure more service accessibility to its valued clients.

Required Corporate Documents

We will prepare and submit all required corporate documents to the bank upon application. Please note that if the company is more than a year old, additional documents may be required at further cost.

Required Personal Documents

ABC requires the following personal documents from each beneficial owner and authorized signatories:

Personal Visit

No personal visit is required.

Minimum Balance

USD5000 minimum balance requirement.

Online Banking

Free and secure full Internet Banking.

Debit and Credit Cards

The bank offers the ABC Debit Card with the following features:

Time Required for Account Opening

Account opening takes between 3 to 5 business days from the time completed application forms, due dilligence and supporting documents have been supplied.


Accounts are offered in all major currencies.

Bank Fees

Bank Account Fees:

Debit Card Fees:

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