The Gecth & Co Dominica was set up in the year 2015 by a group of consultants from various backgrounds. We are a team of financial consultants, banking experts, corporate structuring experts, IT Consultants and experts as well as Legal, Tax and Accounting experts.

Our goal is to cater for the business communities in the CEMAC region and Africa as a whole. We provide technical expertise in areas such as company set up, structuring, web development, accountancy, offshore business set up and banking, as well as being the bridge between businesses and service providers, technology providers and users, financiers and companies seeking finances as well as asset/wealth managers and wealthy individuals or corporations.

With a combined industry experience of over 50 years, our partners and staff, affiliates and agents have one core objective in mind, providing excellent business services and consultancy with integrity at its core.

Our Services

Business Services

Are you a startup, an SME? Gecth & Co Dominica will help you and your business to get up and running by planning and executing with you and a business need...

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Our consulting services are used by participants as a means for borrowing and lending in the short term, with maturities that usually range from a month to just under a year...

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Fintech and Capital Markets

With deep knowledge in the fintech and capital markets, Gecth & Co Dominica can help you start, set-up or operate a brokerage...

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Asset/Wealth Management

: Are you planning for retirement? Thinking of how to manage your estate? Gecth & Co Dominica can offer you great insights on how to do this...

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Real Estate

Looking to begin your journey in real estate investment? We can help you through your purchase or sale and can assist in property management and development...

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Offshore Solutions

Looking for an offshore solution to go with your wealth management strategy? Choose from our range of offshore company solutions and bank accounts...

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We are dedicated to developing strong client partnershipsby delivering local expertise on a truly global platform. Focused on forward-thinking investment solutions, we are able to navigate challenges, identify long-term growth and create real lasting value for you and your clients.